Visionox InV see™ is the world's first Under-Display Camera solution to achieve mass production

Author: Release Time:2020-06-08

Visionox InV see™ is the world’s first Under-Display Camera solution to achieve mass production. 

With innovatively designed transparent OLED device placed over the camera, Visionox’s InV see™ can acquire great balance between displaying image and taking photo, thus achieving "True Infinite-Display(full screen display?)". 

Moreover, brand new manufacturing process adopted by this solution,breaks through the bottleneck of mass production and facilitate the batch delivery.

The transparency of the display is significantly improved and diffraction is strongly inhibited by adopting highly transparent proprietary materials, new drive circuitry and novel pixel architecture. Special algorithm for the front-facing camera is also used for optimizing the photo-taking effect and minimizing the glare and haze.

Since a ‘boundary’ could reasonably exist within the display between two portions of different transparency and resolution, it is a big issue to maintain the display as a visually uniform one. Visionox’s solution has obviously weakened that boundary through optimization of pixel arrangement. Meanwhile in order to improve the uniformity of the display, difference in brightness, gamut and view angle has been eliminated within the display through the introduction of new components and device design.

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