Visionox Successfully Developed Flexible LTPS AMOLED Full-color Screen

Author:Visionox Release Time:2014-01-13

Recently, Visionox successfully developed flexible full-color LTPS AMOLED screen.


The screen uses LTPS TFT backplane technology and applies the company's transparent cathode and OLED device technology with proprietary intellectual property rights. The panel display size is 3.5 inches and the thickness is 22 microns withthe weight less than 0.2 grams and the bending radius less than 5 mm.

3.5 inches flexible LTPS AMOLED full-color screen

The release of the flexible AMOLED screen marks the breakthrough of the technology difficulties on the flexible substrate production, water and oxygen barrier layer, transparent cathode with high transmittance, high-efficiency top-emitting OLED device structure, flexible screen thin film encapsulation. This panelcan be directly transferred to theindustrialization in future.


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