Visionox released China's first 1Hz low-power AMOLED display

Author: Release Time:2022-05-16

On February 22, 2022, Visionox released China's first 1Hz low-power AMOLED display, which can achieve a dynamic refresh rate of 1-120 Hz through Hybrid-TFT technology. At the same time, mobile phones equipped with Visionox's 1Hz low-power AMOLED display will also be released soon.

Hybrid-TFT technology is favored by high-end flagship mobile phones for its significant reduction in power consumption - it can support the phone to automatically reduce the screen refresh rate to 1Hz in low refresh rate application scenarios such as screen-off display and reading, thus achieving lower power consumption. In addition, when users switch to high refresh rate application scenarios such as video and games, the display can support a 120Hz high refresh rate, making the display drag-free and smoother.

The Hybrid-TFT low-power technology was mass-produced by China's first "fully flexible high-definition" Visionox (Hefei) G6 AMOLED production line, which is positioned as "future-oriented high-end display technology". Visionox successfully predicted the future development direction of AMOLED display technology at the planning and design stage. It laid out the Hybrid-TFT low-power technology and its production capacity during the construction stage of the production line, and finally achieved the fastest Hybrid-TFT mass production and the largest Hybrid-TFT production capacity in China.

Meanwhile, Visionox's TFT innovative technology has also been further applied in the Micro-LED industry. Among them, the "glass-based double-sided LTPS-TFT backplane technology" realizes side routing, narrowing the bezel down to micron level (<100μm), which can really achieve seamless tiling.

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