Dr. Zhang Deqiang: Focus on "ICE" strategy and flexible displays will usher in the "Era of Screens"

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During the panel discussion on "Mobile Internet Innovation and Revolution in the Super-connectivity Era" held on the morning of 4th, Visionox's Dr. Zhang Deqiang, Cheetah Mobile's CEO Mr. Fu Sheng, New H3C Group's Chairman Mr. Tony Yu, iRootech's Chairman Mr. Liang Zaizhong, and other outstanding entrepreneurs discussed the opportunities and challenges presented to mobile internet companies in the era of super-connectivity. "In the era of super-connectivity, flexible displays will become the "eyes" of Internet of Things," Dr. Zhang said. "This will make the internet truly visible and redefine the connection between people and objects, objects and other objects. Many unimaginable, incredible new technologies and products will emerge, and flexible displays have already become an important driving force for a scientific and technological revolution."

Flexible displays become the hot topic in the era of super-connectivity, leading to the "Ubiquitous Display"

The internet, Internet of Things, and 5G technology is accelerating the arrival of the era of super-connectivity. "The era of super-connectivity is characterized by unlimited connection, borderless domains, and boundless innovation," Dr. Zhang said. "In the era of super-connectivity, the development of new generation display technology is closely linked to that of internet technology, with both elements driving each other forward. Just now, Huawei spoke about the shift from mobile internet to smart internet. Similarly, display technology is moving from flat panel display to an 'Ubiquitous Display'."

With the rapid development of super-connectivity, users' demand for technological advancement of display technology has increased as well. The demands for visual effects of a higher resolution, application of virtual and augmented reality, and combining many functions into one are leading to the emergence of the "Ubiquitous Display" where screens are everywhere in our lives. In the Era of Ubiquitous Display, the most revolutionary technology is flexible OLED display. From the Internet of Things to the Display of Things, flexible displays will play an important role and will become the hot topic for innovation. Advancements in flexible display technology will make it possible for foldable, scrollable and even stretchable displays to be applied in terminal products in the near future. The breakthrough in the form of displays will drive creative possibilities that make the Internet of Things visible and boundless.

Internet+ helps the flexible AMOLED industry as China leads the formulation of international flexible display standards 

"In the mega trend of Internet of Things, there is a need to accelerate the deep integration of the internet and the real economy," Dr. Zhang said. "Firstly, the internet and big data must precisely capture user needs and use these needs to direct production activities. Secondly, we need to make the production segment smarter and more modernized. Visionox's Kunshan 5.5G mass production line and Yungu (Gu'an)'s 6G flexible AMOLED mass production line, which Visionox helped to build, are constructed as smart workshops. Using the internet, big data, and cloud computing, we control production activities based on customer demands to form a seamless and efficient connection between customers, technology, product R&D, and production lines. This significantly improves product yield and production capacity. We have successfully made the Kunshan 5.5Gen AMOLED mass production line China's best 5.5Gen production line. Currently, Visionox has already built smart workshops and transparent plants. The black box is already digitalized and the speed of yield increase has improved. We are working towards transparent plants, digital plants, and unmanned plants." Visionox is widely recognized by the global industry for its development of flexible AMOLED technology. It is the only Chinese company that is leading the drafting of international flexible display standards.

Focus on the "ICE" strategy to accelerate towards the Display of Things

At the forum, Dr. Zhang also introduced Visionox's "ICE" strategy. In order to adapt to the rapid development of flexible displays in the era of super-connectivity, Visionox has innovatively proposed the "ICE" strategy for the flexible display industry.

"I" stands for "innovation". It means that proprietary innovations must be high-quality, fast and be of high altitude, and must truly grasp the world's leading core technologies.

"C" stands for "connection". More than just ensuring good internal connections within the display industry, it also means a connection between the internet and the real economy to achieve smart production and help upstream and downstream industries to innovate. At the same time, there is a need for good external connections so that the flexible display industry can drive inter-connectivity with other industries.

"E" stands for "evolution". This means that the manufacturing industry must embrace the internet. Imagination is the first driving force for production. The birth of a great inventor starts from imagination. Developments in flexible displays will further unleash the imagination of technology. Future product forms and functions may be things that we have not seen, or even imagined, before. Therefore, companies must give priority to innovation and use the "ICE" strategy to stimulate China's smart manufacturing potential and create infinite possibilities for the future.

Finally, Dr. Zhang said that Visionox is supporting the building of a strong internet nation. Using new disruptive technologies to give smart terminal devices infinite possibilities, Visionox will help develop the digital economy, promote open sharing, and work with other market participants to shape the future of the internet space.

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