Company Profile

Visionox is the world's leading supplier of integrated advanced display solutions. Visionox was founded in 2001, and its origin can be traced to the Tsinghua University OLED(Organic Light Emitting Display) research group established in 1996. The company operates under a vision of "pushing boundaries to enhance the experience of vision" and a mission of "leading China's OLED industry through technological innovation." With over 20 years of experience in OLED technology, Visionox has become a globally leading enterprise in the OLED industry, covering R&D, production, and sales.

A Globally Leading Voice in Technological Self-Innovation.The field of OLED technology has become competitive around the world. Visionox practices constant self-innovation, steadily working to develop OLED technology and the OLED industry, from basic research to pilot production to mass production. Visionox has mastered many core OLED technologies and holds 8,400 key OLED patents to date. It has also received a number of prestigious awards: First Prize in the State Technological Invention Award (issued by the State Council of the PRC), the China Patent Gold Award (jointly issued by the WIPO and the Chinese Patent Office), and more. In 2002, Visionox initiated the formulation of OLED international and national standards, and continues to lead the endeavor. Visionox is responsible for the formulation and revision of four OLED international standards and leading the formulation of six OLED national standards and four OLED industrial standards. Visionox has secured a dominant position among international competition, becoming a leading voice in China's industrial development.

Creating the World's Best Flexible AMOLED Technology.Leveraging its existing technological advantages and embracing new trends, Visionox actively explores technological frontiers that represent the future of the industry, such as flexible AMOLED technology. Visionox has successfully created many of the world's "firsts", including the world's first fully scrollable AMOLED display, the world's first bi-directional foldable single-axis display module, and many other flexible products. With products boasting a folding radius as small as 1.6 mm, Visionox has made repeated breakthroughs in flexible foldable technology. It has also formulated two international standards for flexible display, and leads the world in flexible OLED technology.

Enhancing the Experience of Vision Through Next-Generation Display Products.OLED has proven its value as the next generation of display technology, with advantages such as solid-state design, self-emitting light, high brightness and contrast, ultra-thin size, lower power consumption, a large viewing angle, a large operating temperature range, and flexible display. Visionox’s AMOLED products are supplied in bulk to a large number of mobile phone manufacturers. Flexible AMOLED products are already being mass produced. In fact, Visionox's shipping coverage of AMOLED panels ranked first in China in 2017. In the first half of 2018, the shipment of AMOLED phone panel also ranked first in China. Our products are widely used in consumer electronics, industrial control instruments, finance, health care, automotive displays, communications, and more.

Leading Development of the OLED Industry and Enriching the Industrial Layout.The displays industry and other related industries are pillars of the Chinese economy. Building on a foundation of proprietary technology, the rise of China's OLED industry has played a major role in making China's displays industry more competitive. Visionox has established a complete R&D and industrialization platform, and has built R&D centers and mass production lines in Beijing, Jiangsu, and Hebei.

A Passion for Developing the Industry.Visionox is made up of a group of like-minded, passionate, and enterprising professionals that form an energetic, visionary, and strong team. Visionox has always aspired to contribute to society by enhancing the experience of vision, exclusively pursuing the OLED dream through challenges and successes for over 20 years. OLED technology gives the Visionox team the opportunity to interact with the world and take the future of the industry into their own hands. Entrepreneurial passion and a drive to develop the OLED industry will always be at the core of Visionox.

Over 20 Years of Specialization.Visionox focuses on OLED technology and industrial development, with a commitment to independent innovation and keeping the development of China's OLED industry on pace with the rest of the world. Visionox provides customers with high-quality visual experience and has incorporated China's supply-side structural reform. Embracing the belief that innovation is the soul of an enterprise, Visionox always strives for world-class excellence, endeavoring to provide the most-advanced display solutions that enhance the experience of vision.

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