OLED Profile

What is OLED?


OLED, including passive-matrix organic light-emitting diode (PMOLED) and active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED), is a technology that organic materials emit light under the action of electronic field. Succeeding CRT and LCD, OLED is a new-generation flat panel display technology and extolled as “dream like display technology”.


Standards and Industry Contributions

  • Participation in Standard Formulation

    Visionox collaborate with industry peers to improve technology and standards so as to deliver the best experience to our users. We hope to work...


  • Intellectual Property Protection

    Our every progress is based on independent innovation and intellectual property protection. We use our power to protect our achievements. We are...


  • Transformation of Achievements

    We remain market-oriented with a keen perception of market demand, gaining insight into industrial development trends, and moving with the times....


  • Technological Innovation

        If we define innovation as the outstanding performance of an individual or those within a group, then we have been clothed with glory overcoming ...


Technical Innovation Achievements

  • Flexible AMOLED HIAA Through-hole Technology

    Through innovatively optimizing the TFT array and OLED structures,the bezels of Through hole in the active area of flexible AMOLED are reduced to ≤0.3mm, creating the ultimate screen-to-body ratio without changing the size of the bezel.

  • 165Hz Dynamic Refresh Display

    Visionox 165Hz Dynamic Refresh Display, Refresh rates of 60/90/120/144/165Hz.can be adaptive based on the content; 500Hz Touch Sampling Rate, Nearly 0 second of touch delay to chieve real-time operation. Perfect interaction sensitivity to obtain the excellent performance.

  • Visionox InV see™ is the world's first Under Display Camera solution to achieve mass production

    Visionox InV see™ is the world's first Under Display Camera solution to achieve mass production. With innovatively designed transparent OLED device placed over the camera, Visionox's InV see™ can acquire great balance between displaying image and taking photo, thus achieving "True Infinite-Display". Moreover, brand new manufacturing process adopted by this solution.

Development Platforms

In the pursuit of innovation, Visionox has invested heavily in developing its R&D capabilities. This pursuit has manifested in the implementation of the Visionox academic workstation, provincial-level collaborative partnerships between Visionox and high-level Chinese academic institutions, as well as the Postdoctoral Innovation Center. Through partnerships with well-known universities such as Tsinghua University, these platforms are providing real-world opportunities for applying technical innovation.

  • Academic Workstation

  • Jiangsu Province Flexible Display R&D Platform

  • Hebei Flexible Display Technology Innovation Center

  • Postdoctoral Innovation Center

    Jiangsu Province Academic Workstation

    In May 2020, alongside Professor Fan Shoushan of Tsinghua University, Visionox signed the Jiangsu Province Academic Workstation agreement. The aim of this agreement is to take Visionox's technological innovation capabilities to the next level, improve supply chain cooperation across the entire production cycle, and continue accelerating China's display development.

    Development focuses:

      a). Through considering new display development breakthroughs and other related technologies, creating new applications from perspectives that were previously not considered.

      b). Utilizing Visionox's development facilities to encourage designers and researchers to further push the boundaries of what is possible.

      c). Fostering open communication between different teams for innovative collaboration.

      d). Developing the academic workstation into a beacon that attracts the world’s leading researchers.

    Anhui Province Academic Workstation

    In November 2020, alongside Professor Cao Yong of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Visionox signed the Anhui Province Academic Workstation agreement. The focus of this agreement is to further strengthen Visionox's innovation capabilities to remain at the frontier of innovation.

    Development focuses:

      a). Providing guidance to both our researchers and R&D technical support to reach the cutting-edge of technical development.

      b). Creating a platform to facilitate the formulation, revision and discussion of major technological innovation strategies.

      c). Having a voice to participate in the selection and determination of new key materials at decision-making conferences.

      d). Cultivating key talent and personnel to prepare the next generation of leaders.

    Jiangsu Province Flexible Display R&D Platform

    In December 2013, in partnership with Kunshan New Flat Panel Display Technology Center, the Jiangsu Province Flexible Display Technology R&D Platform was created. The aim of this partnership is to establish an effective cooperation mechanism to promote the rapid transformation of scientific and technological achievements into real-world applications and products.

    Development focuses:

      a). Researching flexible OLED display technologies, and other key technologies in collaboration to become joint innovators of the next generation of displays.

      b). Closely uniting industry, academia, research, government, and capital to establish an effective cooperation mechanism to promote the rapid transformation and  application of scientific and technological achievements.

      c). Through creating a world-class research center, we aspire to attract the world's best and brightest researchers to pursue shared achievement and value.

    Hebei Flexible Display Technology Innovation Center 

    In August 2020, the Hebei Provincial Department of Science and Technology approved Visionox (Gu'an) as a supporting unit in the establishment of the Hebei Flexible Display Technology Innovation Center. This move was in-line with Visionox's sustainable development capabilities to further promote technological progress in the flexible display industry.

    Development focuses:

      a). Flexible display structures and device applications.

      b). Highly flexible display production research.

      c).Next-gen flexible display engineering research, manufacturing research and standards formulation.

    Postdoctoral Innovation Center

    In August 2017, the Hebei Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security and the Hebei Provincial Postdoctoral Work Management Committee approved the application from Visionox (Gu'an) to establish the Postdoctoral Innovation Center. Postdoctoral researchers will explore cutting-edge technologies and their real-world applications, improve production and manufacturing processes, and overcome development pain points, all in the pursuit of innovation.

    Development focuses:

      a). Apply for patents in key research fields.

      b).Create patent packages and improve existing patents.

      c). Actively develop flexible display standards.