OLED Profile

What is OLED?


OLED, including passive-matrix organic light-emitting diode (PMOLED) and active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED), is a technology that organic materials emit light under the action of electronic field. Succeeding CRT and LCD, OLED is a new-generation flat panel display technology and extolled as “dream like display technology”.


Standards and Industry Contributions

  • Participation in Standard Formulation

    Visionox collaborate with industry peers to improve technology and standards so as to deliver the best experience to our users. We hope to work togethe…


  • Intellectual Property Protection

    Our every progress is based on independent innovation and intellectual property protection. We use our power to protect our achievements. We are improv…


  • Transformation of Achievements

    We remain market-orientedwith a keen perception of market demand, gaining insight into industrialdevelopment trends, and moving with the times. Moreove…


  • Technological Innovation

    If we define innovation asthe outstanding performance of an individual or those within a group, then wehave been clothed with glory overcoming the diff…


Technical Innovation Achievements

  • “The global first arbitrary folded flexible screen full module” product

    “The global first arbitrary folded flexible screen full module” product of Visionox has an inner bending radius of 3mm and an outer bending radius of 5mm, and the bending number is more than 100,000 times. “It is a milestone in the application innovation of the terminal industry.” Industry experts appraise that "the global first arbitrary folded flexible screen full module” represents the global leading level of flexible display technology.

  • 814PPI VR Display Screen

    Visionox has achieved a new breakthrough in the development of new display technology that a VR display screen with a pixel density of up to 814PPI has been successfully developed. The advent of this new product refreshes the domestic AMOLED display resolution record, and it will further promote the upgrade of the design of industrial products, and bring better visual experience for end users.

  • Actively plan future new technology fields –narrow the gap with the world

    "Rome was not built in a day." Although China has been catching up with developed countries in some technical fields, this does not mean that we have achieved an overall surpassing. At this time, we do not want to lose at the starting line! By planning future new technologies in advance and strengthening the technology cooperation with printing display technology, silver nanowires, grapheme, mobile terminals and other cutting-edge techniques, we can not only enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, but also break the situation that China OLED industry is controlled by other countries. We are eager to produce the "strongest voice" in the field of new technologies, and thus lead China OLED industry to narrow the gap with the world.

  • Ultra-high Resolution Technology - enjoying more exquisite image quality

    Einstein once said, "Science is endless", the pursuit and persistence are valuable qualities of human beings. When the display screen and our lives are closely related, the pursuit of a more clear display and higher resolution has become a matter of course. In September 2015, Visionox developed full color OLED display panel with 604PPI (true RGB) super-high resolution, representing the highest level of FMM evaporation technology in global OLED display industry at that time. This technology will be applied in future display products such as Virtual Reality (VR), 3D display, holographic imaging and so on. When the technology reaches 1500PPI, the era of high-definition display of VR will be officially opened!

Flexible Display R&D Platform

  • Introduction of the Platform

  • Research achievements

  • Service mode

  • personnel training

  • Expanding function

  • Service cases

    1.Why do we establish the flexible display R&D platform?

    Karl Marx once said, “Science is by no means a selfish and self-beneficial enjoyment”. We are glad to seize the opportunity to serve others with whatever our inventions, technologies, and knowledge. As a result, flexible display technology R&D platform of Jiangsu province (hereinafter referred as "the Platform") was established.

    2.Functions of the Platform

    The Platform focuses on new display technology and, on the basis of serving AMOLED and other new display devices mass-production enterprises, puts major attention on the research of flexible OLED display technology, develops common technology, key technologies and future technology, tries to master the independent intellectual property, and lays the foundation for industrial development; Finally, we will build a high-level provincial innovation R&D platform.

    3.Platform’s organization structure

    The Platform consists of an expert committee, four sub-functional platforms and one general functional department. The Expert Committee is the evaluation unit and technical route constitutor, including technical consultants and technology committee.

    Our Platform has a research team with strong comprehensive strength and a satisfactory variety of R&D facilities. After several years of development, we have achieved several innovative research results, especially in the field of flexible display, which has greatly improved the international competitiveness of China’s flexible display. Among these achievements, Visionox has successfully developed 3.5-inch monochrome flexible AMOLED display, LTPS full-color flexible AMOLED display, 4.6-inch full-color flexible AMOLED display and 4.6-inch full-screen-bendable flexible AMOLED display, etc.

    The Platform implements director’s responsibility system, and is divided into an expert committee, seven research centers and two research labs. Each specialized service team is set up according to different research center and research lab, to answer the customers' business consultions. The service mode and process are as follows:

    1. Customer’s specific demands will be transferred to research centers or research labs by the service team.

    2.Sign an contract to clear the responsibilities and obligations of both sides.

    3. The service team will assign the specific service content to the related service centers or research labs.

    4. Customers have any question about service execution process, they can contact the service teams .

    5. When the service is finished, the service team is responsible to contact customers and deal with their feedback.

    The Platform focuses on human resources development and personnel training, puts great emphasis on cultivating innovative talents working in the front line, and strives to build high-level innovative team.

    1,In August 2013, the Platform held a series of training courses of basic ability quality for project managers.

    2,In April 2014, Dr. Xiuqi Huang, director of the Platform, delivered a training course entitled with “The Review of AMOLED Display Technology and Industry Development” for teachers and students in Soochow University. 

    3,In November 2015, the Platform organized technology innovation symposium.

    4,In September 2016, Xiaoyu Gao, the general manager of theR&D Center, and Wei Ao, the supervisor of OLED Process, shared OLED courses in China display training school.

    In order to maximize the effect of the Platform, while increasing the competiveness of itself, the Platform expands several functions, and offers better service to enterprise and employees.

    Training center, a series of training for employees and customers;

    Industry research room, to ensure the timeliness of information, a comprehensive understanding of the industry dynamics;

    Intellectual Property Research Office, to ensure the scientific research results;

    Equipment development center, providing equipment to customize and maintain AMOLED key equipment;

    Product design center, to provide customized services to drive AMOLED, IC product design services;

    More platform to expand the function, welcome to understand.

    The flexible Platform has witnessed numerous cooperation cases since its foundation, including both domestic and international joint projects.  A part of cases are listed below for your reference.
    1, January 2013, the platform and the Saarland University in Germany signed the "digital display driver AMOLED project technology development contract, the project to promote the new flat panel display Jiangsu Province joint cooperation with foreign technology has an important reference significance;
    2, December 2014, the platform and win a (Evonik) special chemical (Shanghai) Company on the "thin film transistor (TFT) project" signed a technical development contract;
    3, October 2015, the platform and Nanyang Technology University on the AMOLED flexible display project signed a technical development contract;
    4, June 2016, the platform and the Fuyao Glass Industry Group Limited by Share Ltd "advanced transparent display project signed a technology development contract.