"Advanced Enterprise — Supported Talent"


The industrialization project of organic light-emitting display (OLED) technology achievement won the "Golden Bridge Award"


International Invention Exhibition Gold Medal

Best Invention Award awarded by the International Federation of Inventors' Associations (IFIA).


The 9th Information Industry Major Technological Invention Award

Electronic Information Technology Award — First Prize

China Patent Excellence Award

Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise


China Patent Gold Award

Science and Technology Achievement Award of Ministry of Education

Beijing Patent Model Unit


First Prize of National Technological Invention Award

Beijing Invention Patent Award — First Prize

First Prize of Technical Invention awarded by  Ministry of Education

High & New Technology Enterprise


Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Award

High & New Technology Enterprise

Pioneer Enterprise of Science and Technology Innovation in 2012


Kunshan City Grade A Company for Labor Security Credit Rating

Suzhou  City Pioneer Primary-Level Party Organization


Second Prize of China Standard Innovation Contribution Award

Suzhou City Pioneer Corporatio in Science and Technology


Jiangsu Province Demonstration Intelligent Workshop  -5.5 Generation AMOLED Intelligent Production Workshop

High&New Technology Enterprise

China Patent Excellence Award


Core Partner Award (awarded by Nubia)

Excellent Enterprise Award(awarded by China International OLED Industry Conference)

Top 10 IZhongguancun Innovation Standards in 2015


2017 CITE Innovative Products and Applications — Gold Award

Folded flexible screen module won the most influentia l display technology award

2017 Pioneer Brand Award in Terminal Display Field


SID Best Display Award in 2018

China Industry-University-Research Innovation Practice Breakthrough Award in 2018

2018 Best Innovation Award (awarded by Xiaomi)

Top 10 on the  innovative billboard for Disruptive Innovations in 2018

2018 Best Examples of Big Data Applications in China


2019 Outstanding Partner Award(awarded by Xiaomi)

TOP listed company in terms of R&D investment

2019 Best  Innovation Award(awarded by ZTE)

The 4.01-inch product won the "Innovative Application-Gold Award"


People's Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Case Award

China New Display Industry Chain Development Contribution Award cum Collaborative Innovation Award

Zhongguancun High & New Tech Enterprise

The 144Hz high refresh rate solution won the 2020 Best Terminal Solution Award


2021 Carbon Neutrality Pioneer Enterprise

China New Display Industry Chain Development Contribution Award cum Collaborative Innovation Award

2021 Quality Management Gold Medal Award(awarded by Honor

SID DW2021 Best Technology Exhibition Award

2021 Best Quality Performance Award awarded by Nubia

DIC AWARD International Gold Award for Innovation of Display Devices

Camera-under-panel solution won the Swan Award for Best Terminal Solution in 2021


Won the Gold Award 2022 from Honor

The world's first low-frequency LTPS-TFT low-power solution wins the Gold Award for Innovation Achievements at the DIC AWARD 2022

Typical model of intermediation and innovation of large and medium-sized enterprises

Jiangsu Province Standard Innovation Contribution Award

China Patent Excellence Award

Hefei City May 1st Labor Medal

ZTE Presents the Best Service Support Award


Honor presents the 2023 Gold Medal Award to Visionox

SID DW 2023 People's Choice Awards

People's Daily Online presents the 2023 People's Ingenuity Technology Award to Visionox

Xiaomi presents the 2023 Best Partner Award to Visionox

China Electronics News presents the 2023 Leading Benchmarking Enterprise of New Display Industry