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Innovative Technology


Visionox intelligent Pixelization


Bezel-less screen

Higher screen proportion


High picture quality

Better visual experience


Low power consumption

Longer battery life


Innovative Platform

In the pursuit of innovation, Visionox has invested heavily in developing its R&D capabilities. This pursuit has manifested in the implementation of the Visionox academic workstation, provincial-level collaborative partnerships between Visionox and high-level Chinese academic institutions, as well as the Postdoctoral Innovation Center. Through partnerships with well-known universities such as Tsinghua University, these platforms are providing real-world opportunities for applying technical innovation.

Jiangsu Province Academic Workstation

In May 2020, alongside Professor Fan Shoushan of Tsinghua University, Visionox signed the Jiangsu Province Academic Workstation agreement. The aim of this agreement is to take Visionox's technological innovation capabilities to the next level, improve supply chain cooperation across the entire production cycle, and continue accelerating China's display development.

Development focuses:

1. Through considering new display development breakthroughs and other related technologies, creating new applications from perspectives that were previously not considered.

2. Fostering open communication between different teams for innovative collaboration.

3. Developing the academic workstation into a beacon that attracts the world’s leading researchers.

Anhui Province Academic Workstation

In November 2020, alongside Professor Cao Yong of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Visionox signed the Anhui Province Academic Workstation agreement. The focus of this agreement is to further strengthen Visionox's innovation capabilities to remain at the frontier of innovation.

Development focuses:

1. Providing guidance to both our researchers and R&D technical support to reach the cutting-edge of technical development.

2. Creating a platform to facilitate the formulation, revision and discussion of major technological innovation strategies.

3. Having a voice to participate in the selection and determination of new key materials at decision-making conferences.

4. Cultivating key talent and personnel to prepare the next generation of leaders.