A Notable Joint Effort - Visionox and FAW Reach a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Author:     Release Time: 2022-12-27

Visionox and China FAW Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter FAW) recently reached a strategic cooperation agreement on co-building the Hongqi & Visionox Joint Innovation Lab. It was a response to the increasing market demands for innovative functions of intelligent cockpits and better user experience. Aiming at compact configuration and integration, the Lab will be a best-in-China and world-class innovation platform for intelligent cockpit and advanced display. Covering the five areas of technology, product, standard, patent and application, the platform will make both sides forerunners in emerging markets and hi-tech field, and pilot the development of the auto industry.

The Lab will bring together both sides’ advantages in the auto industry, maximizing Hongqi’s brand value via intelligent display. This cooperation marks a milestone for the partnership of Visionox and FAW, who will continue to strive for better user experience and the upgrading and reform of China’s auto industry.

Zhang Deqiang noted that Visionox has the desire, courage and capability to innovate. He said the Lab is a joint endeavor aiming to present series of onboard display product portfolios featuring multiple sizes, multiple modes and integrated touch panels, and provide Hongqi with more reliable, overall onboard display solutions. He added that more advanced AMOLED onboard display technologies will be applied to Hongqi vehicles to back up the brand’s market expansion, serving its ultimate goal of securing the hi-end market shares of Chinese innovations and building an independent innovative brand in China.

A notable joint effort

Cars have become the third space after our home and workplace where we spend most of the time in a day. With various functions, carmakers are striving to provide users with the best experience in every scenario. The evolution of onboard interactive systems shows a tendency towards intelligence, diversity and integration. Among multiple solutions, flexible OLED display outperforms its counterparts. A high-contrast display gives fewer glares in dark mode at night, and consumes less power. In addition, flexibility and bendability make it better fit the interior design of a vehicle and better insures safety. Up to date, OLED onboard display application remains an uncharted field.

Visionox shares FAW’s patriotism, and wants the best for China’s auto industry. FAW is committed to “exploring a new path for innovative development of auto industry in the new era”, while Visionox to “leading China’s OLED industry through technological innovation”. Out of their common mission, “innovation” and “industry serving the country”, FAW’s and Visionox’s paths have crossed on their way to innovative and win-win development of China’s auto and display industries.

Prepared for new areas

From the debut of AMOLED onboard dashboard display in China in 2016 to the world’s first mass production of the “transparent” A-pillar in 2019, Visionox’s flexible AMOLED has made an initial success in introducing OLED display in cars. Visionox recently brought out an integrated solution for flexible AMOLED onboard human-machine interface (HMI), demonstrating the application of flexible OLED in intelligent cockpits.

The Lab to be co-built with FAW will be the first outcome of Visionox’s “One Strong and Two New” development strategy. It will lead Visionox to more innovative onboard applications and serve as a new engine for the company’s development.