Visionox Supplies HONOR Magic V2 Series Screens, Revolutionizing the Foldable Experience

Author:     Release Time: 2023-07-13

On July 12, 2023, HONOR announced its new-generation lightweight and ultra-thin flagship foldable smartphone Magic V2. This new product weighs just 231g, backed by breathtaking innovative technologies. Furthermore, the Magic V2 uses higher-end flexible AMOLED displays, which achieve a large-span upgrade in screen thickness, power consumption, and optical performance. With Visionox's innovative technologies, the Magic V2 emerges as a new example for foldable phones.

Enable Lighter and Thinner Displays

Get Slimmer

The Magic V2 is only 4.7mm in thickness when unfolded because its bottom bezel is thinned with Visionox's Padbending R reduction technology. Along with an optimized bezel routing design, the Magic V2 enjoys slimmer bottom bezels than its predecessor, rendering the whole device more likely to get lighter and thinner.

Higher Energy Efficiency and Lower Power Consumption 

Debut of New VM7 Material System for High-end Smartphones

Several HONOR flagship models choose to use Visionox's VM6 material system and demonstrate outstanding performance in optics and power consumption. As a follow-up, Visionox's new VM7 material system witnesses its first application in the Magic V2, a high-end foldable smartphone. Through reconfigured materials and devices, the material system optimizes device capacitance and electron-hole balance to improve reliability. Compared with the previous generation of materials, this material could reduce power consumption by about 10% and increase lifespan by over 10%. As the saying goes, "A long journey can be covered only by taking one step at a time." The VM7 material system represents Visionox's another breakthrough innovation. With improvements in every generation of material systems, Visionox remains dedicated to delivering lower power consumption and a smoother experience.

Better Vision and Optical Performance

First Foldable Display Supporting High-frequency 3,840Hz PWM Dimming

The Magic V2 is the industry's first foldable smartphone featuring a high-frequency 3,840Hz PWM dimming function. Visionox and HONOR jointly tackle major problems in high-frequency PWM dimming. By combining "LTPO frequency conversion + high-frequency dimming" with software optimization to solve the problems of screen flicker and low-frequency flicker and achieve better optical performance without increasing power consumption, Visionox and HONOR provide longer battery time and a more comfortable visual experience to users.

More Practical and Multifunctional

Support Writing with an Active Stylus on Internal and External Screens

Multifunctionality remains a major feature of foldable smartphones. To deliver human-centered user experiences, Visionox and HONOR have upgrade both hardware and software. The Magic V2 is equipped with an active stylus that allows users to interact with the screens, supporting writing on internal and external screens. Consequently, users can cope with changing demands at once. Under such circumstances, it is not a dream to pursue both work and pleasure.

Visionox has partnered with HONOR on several high-end smartphone models. Visionox's supply of Magic V2 series screens can be described as another in-depth combination of innovative technologies and applications, making users feel "quite different". In the future, Visionox will stay committed to technological innovation to provide customers with higher value-added products and ultimate user experience.