Further Breakthrough in Gaming Phone Screens | Visionox Helps iQOO 12 Contend for the Title of "Performance King"

Author:     Release Time: 2023-11-08

The iQOO 12 equipped with Visionox's 6.78-inch flexible AMOLED screen was officially unveiled on November 7, 2023. Visionox's product advantages of "four highs and three lows" unlock iQOO 12's strong performance: high refresh rate, high brightness, high resolution and high image quality deliver new visual experience; low power consumption, low flicker and low blue light realize eye health and protection and long endurance.

High Refresh Rate, High Brightness, High Resolution and High Image Quality

High Refresh Rate: By reducing Source and GIP loading and improving GIP drive capability and other design, iQOO 12 supports a 144Hz ultra-high refresh rate, ensuring smooth scrolling and seamless gameplay.

At present, Visionox has achieved an ultra-high refresh rate of 260Hz. Visionox is a world leader as it holds the highest refresh rate record on smartphones with AMOLED display.

High Brightness: The iQOO screen has a local peak brightness of 3,000nit, which is the highest brightness in history, making it easy to see the screen even under the outdoor sunlight.

High Resolution: With a resolution of 1.5K (tailored for mainstream games) and a pixel density of 452ppi, the display offers a delicate and transparent feast for your eyes.

High Image Quality: Built with a new generation of drive circuit architecture and material system, iQOO 12 leads in comprehensive optical performance, and excels in screen brightness uniformity, color consistency and other dimensions.

Low Power Consumption, Low Flicker and Low Blue Light

Low Power Consumption: iQOO 12 uses Visionox's Hybrid TFT+VM7 material system, called "premium low-power package". It allows users to enjoy tension-free playing without worrying about running out of battery.

New Hybrid-TFT Technology

Using Visionox's new Hybrid-TFT technology, iQOO 12 can adapt to dynamic refresh rates. It can support the phone to automatically reduce the screen refresh rate to 1Hz in low refresh rate application scenarios such as Always On Display (AoD) and reading, thus reducing power consumption. In addition, when users switch to high refresh rate application scenarios such as video and games, the display can support a 120Hz high refresh rate, making the display drag-free and smoother. 

VM7 Materials System

iQOO 12 uses Visionox's new VM7 material system for high-end flagship smartphones. Through reconfigured materials and devices, the material system optimizes device capacitance and electron-hole balance. Compared with the previous generation of materials, this material could reduce power consumption by over 10% and increase lifespan by over 10%.

Low Blue Light, Low Flicker: Based on its insight into gamers' needs, iQOO 12 supports Visionox's industry-leading 2,160Hz high-frequency PWM dimming for eye health and protection, greatly reducing eye strain caused by flickering. The display is SGS certified for low blue light and low flicker, delivering more comfortable and healthy visual experience.

As a domestic leading screen manufacturer, Visionox has continuously transformed its technological achievements into commercial products. Visionox has also maintained close cooperation with leading smartphone brands including HONOR, VIVO, OPPO and XIAOMI, and has supplied screens for their high-end flagship products.

In the second and third quarters of 2023, Visionox ranked third globally in shipments of AMOLED panels for smartphones and second in China, according to CINNO Research. Upholding the mission of "leading China's OLED industry with technological innovation", Visionox will realize win-win cooperation with terminal manufacturers, and deliver a more pleasant visual experience to users in the future.