Under-display camera

Under-display camera technology maximizes the screen proportionwhich is the key technology to realize bezel-less

Under-display camera technology places the front camera and all sensors beneath the display, so there is no need to reserve the position of the camera on the screen via the notch screen, opening pores, etc., and there is also no need for a lifting mechanical structure, making bezel-less display a reality.

Four Inventions of Visionox Under-display Camera Technology

Invention 1: Small anode scheme

Reduce light blocking of opaque anode, and improve the transparency while the primary and secondary screens stay uniform.

Invention 2: Pixel driving circuit side placement scheme

Reduce transmittance reduction and diffraction caused by complex routing in transparent areas.

Invention 3: 1-drive multi-pixel driving scheme

Simplify the wiring design of transparent area and greatly increase the transmittance, which is key to mass production of under-display camera technology.

Invention 4: Wave (snake-shaped) electrode routing scheme

Restrain the diffraction of light through complex graphics, and improve the clarity of the camera.

Iteration for perfection

Multiple under-display cameras