Visionox intelligent Pixelization

ViP is an upgrade solution for mass production of AMOLEDsas it enables patterning of OLED pixels by photolithography, removing any application of fine metal mask (FMM) processes

ViP, called Visionox intelligent Pixelization, an independent innovation of Visionox, is the FMM-free RGB self-aligned pixelization technology. This technology replaces FMMs and achieves more precise AMOLED pixels using the semiconductor photolithography process, which eliminates conventional OLED technology limitations on display size, resolution, and screen performance. It is an upgrade solution for mass production of AMOLEDs with ultra-high performance, full-size coverage, and agile delivery.

Technical Features

Increase aperture ratio from 29% to 69% Push pixel density to 1,700ppi

Reduce power consumption by 38%

Enjoy a 4X increase in luminance or a 6X increase in lifetime

Flexible production and delivery Free-form display

More Advantages