Let's Go Take a Look 丨 Visionox Rolled Out Medium-sized Foldable Innovative Terminal Based on ViP Technology

Author:     Release Time: 2023-05-25

From May 21 to 26, 2023 (local time), SID Display Week 2023 kicked off in Los Angeles, USA, where global display companies gathered to present their cutting-edge display technologies and product applications. Visionox, as a representative of China's emerging display industry, showcased three innovations, i.e. innovative AMOLED technology, innovative AMOLED application, and ViP technology. This article introduces the ViP technology and its achievements displayed at this event.

Furthering ViP Technology

Following the global debut on May 9, when it showcased its medium-sized two-way dynamic bending flexible AMOLED innovative terminals based on ViP technology, Visionox displayed a flexible innovative terminal that can be folded with a bending radius of only 2mm at this exhibition, driving ViP technology forward.

During the exhibition, Visionox released its ViP technology overseas for the first time and expounded the ViP process and its multiple advantages. The ViP technology team also conducted face-to-face exchanges with industry experts.

Re-revealing Secrets of ViP Technology

ViP technology introduces a "photolithography-based patterning process" into the evaporation of AMOLEDs, rendering it with characteristics of no FMM (Fine Metal Mask), independent pixels, and high precision.

Removing FMM means that AMOLED has broken through the bottlenecks caused by the physical limitations of the FMM. Therefore, it can achieve higher precision and aperture ratio (effective light-emitting area). When it comes to the manufacturing of AMOLED display panels, there are common layers, such as the cathode and hole transport layer in the FMM process, which cannot be adjusted according to the optical and electrical characteristics of pixels for different RGB light-emitting devices. However, these limitations resulting from the FMM process will not exist in ViP technology.

When ViP technology is used to manufacture display panels, the light-emitting material with each color (red, green, or blue) will undergo independent and high-precision pixel patterning after evaporation, making all sub-pixels completely isolated/independent from each other. Therefore, each sub-pixel can customize its light-emitting layer, cathode, etc., to optimize its performance. At the same time, separate sub-pixels enable a display to have a free form, marking the end of the era of only rectangle or circular end products.

In terms of high precision, the photolithography process remains much more precise than metal materials processing, and the "pixel" serves as the smallest unit that determines the AMOLED display performance, such as effective light-emitting area (aperture ratio), brightness, lifetime, and JNCD. Consequently, higher-precision pixel control represents higher display performance.

ViP technology, as a platform technology, helps AMOLED give play to its excellent characteristics and meet different performance requirements for end products. It also offers an upgraded solution for the mass production of AMOLED with ultra-high performance, full-size coverage, and agile delivery. By doing so, it will deliver more competitive products to customers and help them achieve commercial success.